Whether you’re an AHJ, Service Provider, or Property Owner/Occupant, IROL provides a wide range of state-of-the-art web-based services and solutions best fitting the needs of your organization. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us as we’re constantly enhancing and growing our programs.

The below is a sampling of IROL’s most well-known services and solutions.

Third-Party ITM Reporting and Deficiency Remediation

Known as one of the best practices in Prevention and Community Risk Reduction (CRR)Third-Party ITM Reporting and Deficiency Remediation provides a streamlined solution in which third-party service providers (contractors) performing inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) on fire and life safety systems can submit final test reports via IROL’s platform directly to the AHJ and/or Property Owner. The program provides an efficient process of tracking, managing, educating, collaborating, communicating and facilitating code compliance.

IROL's Review Department

Developed by and created for AHJs, IROL’s Review Department aids in the overall management of submitted ITM reports and supports the deficiency remediation process though a proactive community-minded approach. Our industry professionals perform report analysis, provide education, and help gain compliance through a combination of proven practices.

This customized service will help reduce your administrative duties within IROL while overall increasing gained compliance.

Inspector's Reporting and Preplans

IROL's Inspector's Reporting and Preplan Solution provide the ability for fire departments to go GREEN in the field while using our web-based platform for occupancy inspections and preplan data gathering. Compatible with any device in the field, ability to connect to your department’s dispatch, and the ability for your occupants to pre-populate/submit preplan data, is just a sample of IROL’s capabilities.

This is an annual fee-based program. There are no user fees, license fees, or additional fees associated with IROL’s Inspector’s Reporting. Contact us for a demonstration or quote.

Fire and Life Safety Risk Assessments

IROL’s Risk Assessment solution provides the ability for owners/occupants to perform a self/internal assessment regarding the overall conditions of their building(s) and submit the final result directly to the AHJ through IROL’s platform. Allowing the owner to complete these assessments will help deliver the most current and accurate occupancy details.

This solution is one of the best ways to engage with your community; helping mitigate risk while increasing owner awareness and overall maintaining safer buildings.

Inspection Performance and Risk Mitigation Management

Inspection Performance and Risk Mitigation Management are additional solutions which allow entities to use IROL as a standalone inspection solution. Offering industry-based forms, the ability to upload your own, or customized reporting options, IROL provides affordable technology with features such as records management, deficiency tracking, automatic notifications, pre-populating data, sharing capabilities, and more.

This is a great option for service companies, consulting firms, universities, property management companies, and more. Contact IROL to learn more about these options or the ability to combine and bundle services.

Additional Services and Solutions

IROL provides additional standalone solutions for entities looking to go paperless in the field and/or as an overall inspection management and risk mitigation platform. Contact us to learn more about our additional services and solutions.